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Classic Foods manufacturing facilities are centrally located in Fort Worth, Texas.  Our size & production capabilities allow us flexibility in accommodating the changing needs of our customers.



     Classic Foods employs the use of both steam jacketed and steam injected kettle cookers.  The variety of kettles used in our facility allow us to make everything from small test batches to full day runs of multiple products.  Our kettles include:

  • (2) 1,200 lb vertical, steam jacketed kettles
  • (1) 5,000 lb MTC steam injected kettle
  • (2) 9,000 lb horizontal, steam jacketed kettles

     All products are packed in pouches using a vertical form-fill-seal machine.  This type of packaging lets Classic Foods offer a variety of pack sizes, ranging from 1 lb. to 10 lbs., with the most common sizes being 3 lb. and 5 lb. pouches.  Additionally, Classic Foods allows customers to customize their case pack, even offering the option to create variety packs that include multiple products within one box. 


     Once products are packed off into our flexible film pouches, they are transferred to racks and placed in our blast freezers.

 Quality Assurance

     Classic Foods employs the use of metal detectors, in-line rare earth magnets, temperature monitoring, micro-testing and organoleptic and physical checks to ensure the safety and quality of all products produced in our facility.  We are HACCP certified and have a USDA inspector on site to oversee our daily operations.  Coded batch tracking is used on every item produced at Classic Foods to assist with quality control.

 Test Kitchen

     Our R&D Department has a newly updated test kitchen.  This kitchen allows for on site product development, testing and evaluation, as well as, quality assurance and organoleptic testing.  For more information on our R&D Department, click here.

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